Reaching a Healthy Weight at Any Age: Is it Possible?

If any of you follow NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser,” you know that this season, the contestants started in three teams based on age – the 20-somethings, the 30-49 year olds and those 50 plus. Most of us would probably think the 20-somethings have an advantage, but is that really the case? From personal […]

Whole Foods vs. Pills: Which is Best?

As a cancer dietitian, I have had hundreds of conversations about dietary supplements, vitamins and herbals. Patients want to know if they are safe, if they will interfere with their chemo and/or radiation, and most importantly, if they will work or not. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to these questions. Dietary supplements, vitamins and herbals […]

Enjoying Winter Squash

If you’ve been to the produce section of your local grocery store lately, you’ve probably spotted the influx of winter squash. Until recently, I never knew what to do with these foods. When I was young, my grandmother made fresh pumpkin and butternut squash pies each fall, but I never paid much attention to how the squash got from point […]

Coffee: Dangerous Diuretic or Delicious Drink?

Do you enjoy your daily dose of coffee? Maybe a black espresso, or a latte? Or maybe an iced coffee from your favorite coffee house? No matter your preference, the big question remains: Is coffee safe during cancer treatment? Well, as with most nutrition questions, there is no black and white answer. It all depends […]

Enhancing Tube Feedings: What Can You Do Safely?

A few months ago, one of my patients who relies on a tube feeding to meet her nutritional needs asked me to blog on this subject.  She wanted to know what she could add through the tube to enhance her nutritional health. When someone requires a tube into the stomach or intestines to feed, the […]

Seeking Smoothies

Are you struggling with a sore mouth? Does the thought of solid food make your stomach turn? Do you simply not have enough energy to pick up each bite with a fork and eat? If any of these issues are a problem for you, consider using smoothies. Whether purchased or homemade, smoothies or shakes can […]

Budget Cooking: Lentils

Do you enjoy dried beans but have limited time and energy to soak and cook them? Do you struggle with constipation? Are you watching your food budget? Lentils can be a great remedy for all of the above! If you’ve ever avoided dried beans because of the time  involved in soaking and cooking, consider lentils. […]

Easing the Pain of Heartburn

Red wine, tomatoes and dark chocolate are three of my favorite things, but my stomach doesn’t always agree. Eating these foods too late at night never goes well, especially if I overindulge in all three at once. A year ago in Italy, I managed to do just that. At the end of a three hour […]

Holiday Weekends & Football Tailgates: Choosing Wisely

The approaching Labor Day holiday means many things – the end of summer, the arrival of football season, picnics, barbeques, boating and last chance beach trips. Unfortunately, if you are going through cancer treatment, Labor Day may just be another day on the calendar as fatigue can get the best of you. If you have […]

Vitamin D: Are you Getting Enough?

As I sat at the pool this weekend, I realized Labor Day is soon upon us. The poolside days are winding down, and summer is quickly coming to an end once again. Have you stored up enough Vitamin D for the winter? If you are currently undergoing cancer treatment, it’s likely that you have not, […]