Integrative Medicine

GCS and Northside Hospital Cancer Institute offer compassionate, state of the art, cost-effective medical care to adult cancer and hematology patients. We are committed to providing care that enhances quality of life for each patient.

Integrative Medicine At GCS

Cancer not only attacks physical health; it threatens emotional and spiritual well-being. The physicians of Georgia Cancer Specialists recognize that treating the mind, body, and spirit of our patients helps to give them the highest quality of life before, during, and after cancer treatment.

We designed our Integrative Medicine program to help you through cancer treatment by using a variety of integrative medicine techniques.

Managing Cancer And The Side Effects Of Treatment

Patients, who understand their cancer treatment and how to manage the side effects, develop a partnership with their healthcare providers during treatment. GCS gives each patient the information that explains what cancer is, how to stay as healthy as possible during treatment, and how to manage common side effects. GCS also offers one-on-one education, web-based information, and classes led by oncology nurses. Classes are offered on a varying schedule at clinics throughout our practice; your nurse can help you choose a class that is convenient for you.

Wellness Counseling

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute and GCS offer a variety of wellness counseling programs to help you and your family stay emotionally strong in the face of cancer. Our wellness services include individual and family counseling, stress and anger management, relaxation therapy, depression/anxiety treatment, and grief counseling.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is an important aspect of health, especially when dealing with cancer. Adequate nutrition will help lessen side effects of treatment, decrease infections, and strengthen the body so you can enjoy a more active lifestyle. Our registered dietitians are available to provide you one-on-one consultation.

Restorative Therapies

Your GCS physician may use physical, occupational, and speech therapies to help you manage side effects. These treatments can prevent and help alleviate symptoms. Specifically, these therapies help improve your energy level, ease muscle tension, decrease swelling, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and improve sleep.

Survivorship Program

From the moment you are diagnosed with cancer, you are a survivor. There are different stages for cancer survivors with different questions that arise during transitions which may include questions about insurance or employment, side effects, nutrition, genetics, or emotional changes. Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are available to answer your questions about physical changes and symptoms. Support services such as Nutrition and Wellness Counseling are available to assist you with healthy eating, emotional changes, and practical concerns. Please call your clinic for more information.

Palliative Care

Palliative medicine is a type of care provided when cancer cure is no longer possible. The focus of palliative care is to give the patient the highest possible quality of life while controlling the symptoms of the disease. Your physician will discuss palliative care with you if it is needed.

Genetic Counseling

The Hereditary Cancer Program at Northside Hospital Cancer Institute is led by board-certified genetic counselors who can help patients assess, understand, and outline ways of reducing the risk of developing inherited cancers. Our counselors are available to evaluate a patient’s personal and family history and determine if genetic testing is appropriate. Test results are then discussed with the patient, including ways results may impact treatment options and future screening recommendations.

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