Mission Statement and Values

Georgia Cancer Specialists delivers compassionate, state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and community-based medical care to the adult cancer and hematology patient while recognizing quality of life as a crucial focus.

We, the physicians of Georgia Cancer Specialists, declare these core values as the foundation of our work. They dictate how we perform our duties and carry out our mission: to provide ethical, compassionate, leading-edge care for patients with cancer and blood disorders.

  • WE BELIEVE each patient deserves our compassion, respect, patience, and loyalty.
  • WE BELIEVE in making each day the best it can be for our patients and co-workers.
  • WE BELIEVE in our patients’ right to participate fully in their care, and we honor the decisions they make regarding their treatment.
  • WE BELIEVE in our employees’ right to be treated with respect and we will make every effort to give them the tools and support to perform at the highest level in their jobs.
  • WE BELIEVE in treating our patients with every available and appropriate treatment option and exhausting every avenue in search of comfort, quality of life, and recovery.
  • WE BELIEVE the key to advancing cancer care is research, and we are committed to bringing advantageous clinical trials to our patients.
  • WE BELIEVE knowledge is a powerful tool, and we strive to educate ourselves, our patients, and the medical community on the latest relevant healthcare information.
  • WE BELIEVE quality of life is important to nurture in our own lives, as it sustains us in our commitment to our patients.
  • WE BELIEVE personal responsibility and accountability make us more effective team members and caregivers.
  • WE BELIEVE in using an innovative approach when treating our patients and when managing our business.

At GCS, we value our patients and each other. Our goal is to provide patients, staff and, physicians with an environment of compassion and respect.

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