Your Visit

At Georgia Cancer Specialists and Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, we strive to deliver compassionate, effective care in a manner that is efficient and easy to understand. Our physicians and staff are honored that you have entrusted us with your care.

A Routine Office Visit:

  • Sign in at the front desk. Show your insurance card to allow the staff to check for any changes.
  • Your insurance copay /coinsurance (if any) is collected at this time.
  • Review any patient information the staff provides you; check it for accuracy for your mailing address, medications, allergies, and physicians. Also, add any tests or procedures that were not scheduled by us so we may obtain a copy of the reports.
  • For most patients, the next step is a visit to the blood draw area (lab) to have vital signs taken. An I.V. is placed in your arm if you are receiving cancer treatment that day. Your blood is drawn if ordered by your physician. You then return to the lobby to await the lab results.
  • If your visit is with a physician or other healthcare provider, you are escorted to the exam room. The nurse reviews your medications for any changes and you are examined by a physician or Advanced Practice Provider (nurse practitioner or physician assistant). If you have any questions about your therapy or diagnosis, please ask them at any time. It is helpful to write your questions down to ensure you ask them all.
  • If your visit is for a cancer treatment, you are called back to the chemotherapy room. Once in the chemo room, the nurse checks your lab test results and that your treatment is approved by the insurance company. If you have any questions about your therapy or potential side effects, please ask the nurse.
  • The nurse then proceeds with your cancer treatment. Your vital signs will be taken again at the end of treatment.
  • Once the office visit is complete, the front office staff makes your next appointment, as well as schedules any tests or X-rays.
  • Remember to call the nurse at any time with questions or concerns. The same number for the office will ring to the answering service after hours.

Special Instructions For Patients

Present Any Insurance Card Or Information At Every Visit

Review And Update Your Patient Information Form

Return completed form to the front desk. This allows us to keep your records accurate and updated with the most current information.


All patients are responsible for copays required by your insurance company for services provided on every visit by your healthcare team (physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and nurse), including labs and infusions.

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