Reaching a Healthy Weight at Any Age: Is it Possible?

If any of you follow NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser,” you know that this season, the contestants started in three teams based on age – the 20-somethings, the 30-49 year olds and those 50 plus. Most of us would probably think the 20-somethings have an advantage, but is that really the case? From personal […]

Whole Foods vs. Pills: Which is Best?

As a cancer dietitian, I have had hundreds of conversations about dietary supplements, vitamins and herbals. Patients want to know if they are safe, if they will interfere with their chemo and/or radiation, and most importantly, if they will work or not. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to these questions. Dietary supplements, vitamins and herbals […]

Enjoying Winter Squash

If you’ve been to the produce section of your local grocery store lately, you’ve probably spotted the influx of winter squash. Until recently, I never knew what to do with these foods. When I was young, my grandmother made fresh pumpkin and butternut squash pies each fall, but I never paid much attention to how the squash got from point […]

Coffee: Dangerous Diuretic or Delicious Drink?

Do you enjoy your daily dose of coffee? Maybe a black espresso, or a latte? Or maybe an iced coffee from your favorite coffee house? No matter your preference, the big question remains: Is coffee safe during cancer treatment? Well, as with most nutrition questions, there is no black and white answer. It all depends […]