Probiotics & Cancer: Pro or Con?

By now you have probably heard of the term “probiotics.” You may even take probiotics daily – knowingly in the form of capsules, or unknowingly in foods like yogurt or kefir. But what exactly are they? And should you be taking them? Many diseases in our gut are the result of an imbalance of good […]

Easter Candy: Handy But Not So Healthy

Whether you celebrate Easter in the religious or secular sense, this Sunday you and your family may be bombarded with baskets of chocolates and marshmallow treats from the Easter Bunny. If you happen to avoid this temptation on Sunday, you may still come face to face with racks of Easter candy on sale next week. […]

Fighting Cancer Fatigue

Eating during cancer treatment can be challenging, to say the least. Nausea, taste changes, constipation, and loss of appetite can all make food rather unappealing. Aside from the loss of interest in food, sometimes it’s a struggle just to find the energy to prepare and chew food, even something as simple as a sandwich. I […]

Multivitamins & Cancer Treatment

The question of whether a patient should take vitamins comes up frequently in our clinics. Through this simple question, the patient is often truly asking two more important questions: 1) Can I or should I take vitamins with my cancer treatment? 2) Will taking multivitamins protect me from dying of cancer? At the end of […]