Take 15 Minutes—Or 1/96th of Your Day—to Exercise

How active is your lifestyle? Do you sit at a desk or in a chair most of the day? If so, do you get up every hour to take a short walk? If you are going through cancer treatment right now, exercise may seem overwhelming. Even if you aren’t fighting an illness, adding one more […]

Colonics: To Cleanse or not to Cleanse? That is the Question…

Throughout my years of speaking with people during and after cancer treatment, questions about colon cleansers have come up more than I ever expected. But what exactly is a colon cleanser ? And is it helpful? Colonics, or colon cleansers, are often marketed as a way to “detox” the body to improve well-being and overall health. […]

When You Don’t Feel Like Eating…

Loss of appetite, or Anorexia, as it’s known in medical jargon (different from the eating disorder Anorexia Nervosa) is a common problem during cancer treatment. I can’t say I know firsthand what it feels like to undergo chemotherapy or radiation, but I have had the flu and mono on more than one occasion and couldn’t have cared […]

The Scoop on Ice Cream: Which is Best?

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand.  For me, ice cream triggers memories of walking to the ice cream shop one block from my house each summer. I don’t think we went everyday, but I do know that me, my brother, and our friends were some of their best customers. As I child, I […]

Finding a Good Egg: Conventional, Free-Range, Cage-Free, Pasture-Raised or Organic?

This question frequently comes up during conversations with cancer survivors. Despite my many years of education, this one stumped even this dietitian. Which egg is best?  Is one actually better than another, or are the names just marketing ploys with little meaning? The May 2011 issue of Prevention Magazine recently addressed this very topic. I don’t normally […]

High Risk Foods: Worth the Risk?

This week I’m doing something a little different – responding to a question I received regarding last week’s post! Hey Bethany,  My mom always warns me about eating sandwiches w/mayo – like egg salad from Starbucks. Is she right? (in the summer?) David Thank you David for your thoughtful question!  Mom has a reason to […]

Keep Foods Safe this Summer

According to the American Dietetic Association, roughly 40-50 million Americans get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from food borne diseases each year. Nearly one-half of these cases could be prevented by frequent hand washing when preparing or handling food. Hot summer temperatures like we are experiencing now here in the South are a perfect […]

Get Moving to Decrease Cancer Risk

It’s a sunny summer day. You’re sitting by the pool, eating a non-organic apple, drinking bottled water and talking on your cell phone. Which of these is most likely to increase your risk of cancer? Despite recent concerns about plastics, pesticides and cell phones, it turns out sitting may be the greatest risk factor, especially […]

Pesticides & Produce

If you watched the news in the past 24 hours, you probably have seen the story about our produce supply and pesticides. Is our produce supply safe? Should we buy organic? What can we do to reduce our exposure to pesticides? First of all, don’t stop eating fruits and vegetables! Although vegetables and fruits may […]

The Challenge of Eating on the Go

I just returned from an annual road trip to Mississippi to a friend’s family farm. It’s a get together we all look forward to each year with good friends, good food, and tennis. About halfway into our five-hour road trip, we stopped to fuel up and take a break. I walked into the convenience store […]