GCS Op-ed Piece on Colon Cancer Prevention Featured in Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Dr. Feinberg:

ajcAn op-ed piece about colon cancer prevention penned by Georgia Cancer Specialists president and CEO Dr. Bruce Feinberg appeared in the Sunday, August 9th edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In it, Feinberg reiterates his position that “the mismanagement of colon cancer is undeniably one of the greatest failures of public health policy.”

Click here to view a PDF of the article; click here to view the article online at ajc.com.

The article was in response to a recent study that found drastic disparities between races – particularly white and black –regarding colon cancer survival, and pointed to socioeconomic factors as the main reason why.

While that may hold true, as well as the fact that certain ethnicities are more susceptible to the disease, Feinberg asserts that healthcare attention needs to shift to focus on screening and prevention for everybody.

“Every time we spend resources, emotion, or ink discussing colon cancer outcomes, as recently reported in the AJC, we miss the bigger picture. The better question is why don’t we take the necessary steps to prevent a disease that is 90 percent preventable for people of all races?”

The piece is part of Feinberg’s ongoing effort to raise awareness of colon cancer screening and prevention, which he hopes leads to increased potential to prevent deaths.

He is the author of Colon Cancer Answers, the second book in his Cancer Answers series. In March (Colon Cancer Month), he appeared on Fox 5’s Good Day Atlanta morning show to discuss his ideas for eliminating this disease. He’s also in discussions with the Georgia Cancer Coalition to take the prevention initiative further.

Click here to view Dr. Feinberg’s slide show about the amount of money and number of lives that can be saved with the help of insurers, employers, and governmental healthcare policy.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Feinberg’s latest book, “Colon Cancer Answers.”

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