Poll: One-third of Americans Believe They Have No Control Over Cancer Risk

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Georgia Cancer Specialists Calls for Better Awareness Through Education

A recent poll conducted by the American Cancer Society (ACS) found that nearly one-third of Americans feel they are powerless against the risk of developing cancer.

Though a general fear of cancer exists among Americans, thirty-six percent of those surveyed are convinced they have little or no control over risk reduction.

Dr. Bruce Feinberg, President/CEO of Atlanta-based Georgia Cancer Specialists, says that a lack of education has fostered the sense of helplessness now harbored by so many Americans.

“Most are unaware that preventative action can be taken. Not smoking, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly—these are simple measures we can take to significantly reduce our risk.”

The American Cancer Society estimates that more than half of all cancer deaths are related to lifestyle.

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