Georgia Cancer Specialists Physician Rodolfo Bordoni Featured in Marietta Daily Journal

Monday, March 27th, 2006

Dr. Rodolfo Bordoni Interviewed for Article on Cancer Mortality Rates

In late February, Georgia Cancer Specialists (GCS) physician Dr. Rodolfo Bordoni was interviewed for a Marietta Daily Journal (MDJ) story on declining cancer mortality rates. Dr. Bordoni serves as Principle Investigator for the GCS Research program in its Western region.

In the article, by MDJ staff writer Erin Murrin, Dr. Bordoni was interviewed about a recent American Cancer Society study that reported the first drop in cancer death rates in over 70 years.

Dr. Bordoni explained that the drop in mortality rates is due largely in part to advancements in cancer treatments and an increase in early detection measures.

“People are participating actively in screening and early detection processes,” Dr. Bordoni was quoted as saying. “People are requesting to be screened for cancer, even if they don’t have family members who had cancer or other risk factors.”

Dr. Bordoni also said that the recent study was encouraging for two reasons.

“This is a demonstration that screening works,” he said. “Second—which is more difficult to prove—is that living a healthier life and paying attention to avoiding carcinogenic exposure has an impact, first on the incidence and then on the death rate.”

Dr. Bordoni offers comprehensive cancer care at the GCS Kennestone office.

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