Dr. Bruce Feinberg’s “Breast Cancer Answers” Book Now Available

Sunday, October 9th, 2005

GCS CEO Publishes First Book

Georgia Cancer Specialists President and CEO Dr. Bruce Feinberg’s first book, Breast Cancer Answers, is now available. Breast Cancer Answers explains all aspects of understanding and fighting breast cancer—from diagnosis to treatments to life after cancer—in a manner that is easy to read and understand. The book may be purchased for $19.95 through the GCS website.

Written by a world authority with over twenty years of caring for cancer patients, Breast Cancer Answers provides the reader with the fundamental information needed to make the best decisions about breast cancer care. In easy to read language and featuring the complete story of an actual breast cancer patient and her husband, Dr. Feinberg explains what breast cancer is, who gets it, who treats it, and the best treatment options.

“The goal for this book was to help people understand the disease and break down some perceived barriers that can scare new patients. My hope is this book benefits not only my patients, but any breast cancer patient or caregiver who picks it up,” Dr. Feinberg said.

Dr. Feinberg practices at the GCS Rockdale office and the GCS Stemmer office in Decatur.

About the author

Dr. Bruce A. Feinberg is a nationally recognized “Top Doc” expert on cancer and has been frequently quoted in The New York Times and appeared in television specials about the disease. In addition to treating patients, he is CEO of Georgia Cancer Specialists, one of the largest oncology practices in the country, based in Atlanta, GA.

GCS uses cutting-edge methods to fight the disease, including leading research trials and holistic “mind-body-spirit” approaches that treat the whole patient.

Dr. Feinberg is considered an innovator in the field and is a sought-after speaker for his entertaining and informative presentations about the disease.

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