Georgia Cancer Specialists To Accept Cancer Patients From Areas Affected By Hurricane Katrina

Monday, August 29th, 2005

Georgia Cancer Specialists Steps in to Help Cancer Patients | For information on making an appointment call 1-800-491-5991

The magnitude of the tragedy that is unfolding in the Gulf Coast is nearly beyond comprehension. Still, one group of those stricken may have a unique and urgent need for specialized help. Cancer patients undergoing life-preserving chemotherapy have been stranded and displaced, not only from their homes but also from their caregivers and life sustaining treatment.

Georgia Cancer Specialists (GCS), the largest private oncology/hematology practice in the Southeast, is opening its arms, hearts, and offices to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. If you or family members are actively receiving cancer therapy, call 1-800-491-5991 to be placed in the GCS office best suited to continue your treatment. GCS has 28 offices throughout Metro Atlanta and North and Central Georgia.

Dr. Bruce Feinberg, President/CEO of GCS, said, “Like the rest of the world, we are in utter disbelief about the terrible situation in the Gulf Coast. One population that cannot afford to go without aid is the cancer community. Please call us so that we may continue your treatment without interruption.”

If possible, patients should bring medical records with them or have contact information of their treating physician.

Dr. Wendy Hawke, COO of GCS, said people should not hesitate to call and that they will be taken care of immediately at the most convenient GCS office.

“People who are currently undergoing any form of cancer treatment should contact us right away so we can continue their care, ensuring they still have the best possible chance to beat their disease. We will find a place for you,” she said.

If local Atlantans have family, relatives, or friends who may not have access to media, they are urged to contact those people and alert them of GCS’s offer.

Georgia Cancer Specialists’ office hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

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