Dr. Franco Interviewed by CNN for ChemoChic News Story

Friday, October 22nd, 2004

Georgia Cancer Specialists physician Dr. Carlos Franco was recently interviewed by CNN for a news story about ChemoChic, a Georgia Cancer Foundation (GCF) program that helps women undergoing cancer treatment feel better physically and emotionally. CNN reporter Rhonda Grayson produced the segment which ran on numerous stations around the country and the world, including CNN and several of its sister stations, between May 21 and May 25.

The ChemoChic program “offers the unique experience for women to learn techniques to enhance their outer beauty as well as gain emotional stability while undergoing cancer treatment,” according to the GCF website.

Dr. Franco recognizes the importance of this program. “After 20 years of practicing oncology, I have come to realize that our patients need as much emotional, mental, and spiritual support as they need the treatments,” he said in the piece.

Brenda Horne, the Executive Director of GCF, knows this program is invaluable for women undergoing cancer treatment. “Cancer is one of those things that definitely changes your entire body image,” Horne said in the piece. “ChemoChic helps women work on both the inside and the outside.”

This piece aired on CNN, CNN Headline News, CNN International, CNN Sunday Morning, and 58 TV stations across the country, including WSB and FOX in Atlanta.

Dr. Franco practices at the GCS Alpharetta office and the GCS Northside office in Atlanta.

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