Georgia Cancer Specialists Participating in Breast Cancer Trial Investigating Combination Hormonal Therapy

Thursday, September 30th, 2004

Georgia Cancer Specialists is currently enrolling patients for a Phase III clinical research trial exploring combination hormonal therapy in post-menopausal estrogen-receptor positive women with advanced breast cancer. In this study, the combination of an experimental drug, atamestane, plus the drug toremifene, will be compared to treatment with the drug letrozole. The trial is investigating whether the combination of the aromatase inhibitor, atamestane and the estrogen receptor blocker toremifene is more effective than letrozole in delaying the growth of breast cancer, and to compare the side effects of the two therapies.

The combination therapy is believed to work in the following way: Atamestane works to reduce and eliminate estrogens formed in the rumor as well as lower plasma estrogen concentrations. Toremifen binds to the estrogen receptor and inhibits the residual estrogen response.

“There continue to be many new developments in the treatment of breast cancer,” said Dr. Mansoor Saleh, Georgia Cancer Specialists Director of Research. “We are conducting this trial in order to determine if combination hormonal therapy is more effective in post-menopausal women with advanced breast cancer when compared to letrozole.”

It appears that achieving maximum suppression of estrogen stimulation is a crucial part of breast cancer survival. The best overall survival rate in women with locally recurrent, locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer is seen when the rumors respond completely to the first treatment approach used. The goal of this combination therapy is to achieve a higher initial rate of response and longer initial time to progression than is possible with letrozole alone. The trial is currently open to all qualified patients. BioMedicines, Inc., located in Emeryville, California, is the sponsor of the clinical trial.

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