Dr. Weakland Emphasizes Importance of Exercise for Breast Cancer Patients on CBS

Friday, March 19th, 2004

New, Large Study Produces Convincing Numbers About Positive Link

Georgia Cancer Specialists (GCS) physician Dr. Laura Weakland recently participated in an interview with CBS 46 news about a new study on the positive link between breast cancer and exercise. The piece, which aired March 30 and was reported by April Nelson, discussed a large Boston study that said women diagnosed with breast cancer who exercise frequently can cut their chance of dying by anywhere from 25-50%.

Researches have known for some time that exercise can reduce one’s risk of any type of cancer. Dr. Weakland said this study will help her to push her patients to get active.

“What I like best about the whole thing is I have something to take back to my patients and say, ‘this is the reason I ask you to get up off the couch and move’,” Dr. Weakland said.

The study reported that women diagnosed with breast cancer who walk 1-3 hours per week lowered their risk of dying by 25% and those who walked between 3-8 hours per week lowered their risk of dying by 50%.

Dr. Weakland practices at the GCS Crawford Long office.

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