Drs. Feinberg and Lesesne Featured in Recent Atlanta Business Chronicle Health-Care Quarterly

Thursday, March 4th, 2004

GCS Physicians 2 of Only 10 Oncologists Consulted for Special Publication

Georgia Cancer Specialists physicians Dr. Bruce Feinberg and Dr. Bancroft Lesesne appeared in the February 13-19 Atlanta Business Chronicle Health-Care Quarterly, titled “Georgia Attacks Cancer.” They were 2 of only 10 Atlanta-area oncologists the ABC interviewed in a section titled “Cancer Docs Sound Off. ”

Dr. Feinberg, GCS CEO, said, “Spreading information about cancer is of critical importance. As we move forward in the fight against cancer, it’s crucial that we educate the public and expel some of the myths that still surround this disease. ”

Some of the questions that were asked of the physicians included: “What’s the most important thing a patient should do when they get a cancer diagnosis?” and “What’s the most common misperception about cancer? ”

Dr. Lesesne, Chief Medical Officer of GCS, agrees with Dr. Feinberg, saying that, with all the medical breakthroughs in oncology, cancer needs to be thought of much differently than in the past. “One of the biggest misperceptions about cancer is that it is a death sentence,” he said. “As we move forward into the 21st century, it’s imperative that fighting cancer be a team effort so the best possible treatments emerge. ”

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