Dr. Bruce Feinberg Recognized by GCF for Years of Leadership

Saturday, May 12th, 2001

The Georgia Cancer Foundation (GCF) recently honored Georgia Cancer Specialists physician Dr. Bruce Feinberg with its highest recognition for his years of leadership and service to the organization.

Dr. Feinberg, who served as chairman of the board of directors at GCF from 1997 to 2003, was honored at GCF’s annual board meeting on March 21.

At the meeting, GCF awarded Dr. Feinberg with a glass and granite plaque reading “GCF Excellence in Leadership: Dr. Bruce A. Feinberg, Chairman of the Board, GCF, 1997–2003.”

“The plaque presented to Dr. Feinberg honors his passion for the Georgia Cancer Foundation,” said GCF Executive Director, Brenda Horne.

Dr. Feinberg said he enjoys working with GCF’s staff members and volunteers and is proud to be recognized by the organization.

“It is a privilege to work with everyone at the Foundation,” said Dr. Feinberg. “I feel truly honored to receive this recognition.”

Horne said Dr. Feinberg was instrumental in making GCF what it is today.

“Dr. Feinberg’s vision helped reshape the mission of GCF to include community and professional education, as well as early detection programs and support for patients and families,” she said.

Chris Lybeer, vice president of Radiant Systems, will succeed Dr. Feinberg as chairman.

“I am confident that Chris Lybeer will continue to lead this organization in the right direction,” said Dr. Feinberg.

Horne said Dr. Feinberg will serve as the Foundation’s Past President and act as an officer.

“Dr. Feinberg’s continued commitment to GCF will be crucial in raising ongoing funding for our operations,” said Horne.

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