Dr. Janice Galleshaw Joined Blue-Ribbon Panel of Physicians to Discuss Hormone Replacement Therapy

Monday, February 5th, 2001

Dr. Janice Galleshaw joined a blue-ribbon panel of physicians at Northside Hospital to discuss the latest research and to address the concerns of women currently taking or considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Northside Hospital WomenFirst organized this free community-education event.

“The turnout of around 1,000 women clearly demonstrates the level of concern and uncertainty surrounding the role of postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy,” said Dr. Galleshaw.

The National Institutes of Health recently halted a large multi-year study of combination hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after finding an increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke among long-term users of one form of HRT, leaving women with questions about the risks and benefits of the therapy.

Dr. Galleshaw said “The best advice I can offer is don’t panic-the adverse events observed in the Women’s Health Initiative were very few in number. Also, take the time to discuss the issues with your primary doctor. The decision about HRT should be tailored to your unique health risks.”

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