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If you are enrolled in Medicare, we must by law, attempt to collect your co-insurance. Medicare has a payment schedule that we must follow. Medicare pays 80% of the allowed amount to GCS and you are expected to pay the other 20%. If you have a secondary insurance (such as AARP), the plan may pay all or a portion of your 20% responsibility. You must also pay your deductible at the beginning of the year.

Medicare Advantage Plans

  • AARP Medicare Complete Plus (United Healthcare)
  • Advantage by Peach State (PeachState)
  • Advantra Elite (Coventry Healthcare Of Georgia)
  • Advantra Silver Advantage HMO (Coventry Healthcare Of Georgia)
  • Advantra Silver (Coventry Healthcare Of Georgia)
  • Advantra Silver Plus (Coventry Healthcare Of Georgia)
  • Aetna Medicare Plan
  • Aetna Medicare Plan PPO
  • Aetna Medicare Value
  • Aetna Medicare Premier
  • Aetna Medicare Standard
  • Amerivantage Choice +RX  (AmeriGroup)
  • Any, Any, Any Gold MA Only PFFS (Universal Healthcare)
  • Any, Any, Any Gold PFFS (Universal Healthcare)
  • BCBSGA Medicare Preferred Online PPO (BCBS Of Georgia)
  • BCBSGA Medicare Preferred Core PPO (BCBS Of Georgia)
  • BCBSGA Medicare Preferred Premier PPO (BCBS Of Georgia)
  • BlueValue Basic (BCBS Of Georgia)
  • BlueValue Secure (BCBS Of Georgia)
  • Care Improvement Plus Silver Rx Plan
  • Care Improvement Plus Gold Rx Plan
  • Care Improvement Plus PPO
  • Care Improvement Plus Dual Advantage (SNP PPO))
  • Humana Medicare Employer PPO (SHBP Retiree Option)
  • HumanaChoice PPO (Plan R5826-077)
  • HumanaChoice PPO (Plan R5826-064)
  • HumanaChoice PPO (Plan H5214-013)
  • HumanaChoice PPO (Plan 004)
  • Humana Gold Choice Plan
  • Humana Gold Plus HMO
  • Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Basic
  • Today’s Options Premier 200, 400 & Premier Plus, Premier Plus 250A (Universal American/Pyramid Life Insurance Co.)
  • UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage Standard & Premium PPO (SHBP Option)
  • UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete (PPO SNP)

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